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Sprint Samsung SPH-A900

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Samsung a900

Samsung a900


The Bottom Line

The Sprint Samsung SPH-A900 is a very strong multimedia wireless phone that makes a very good alternative to the Motorola RAZR phone, but a number of software issues really set it back from being a truly outstanding phone.
  • Very Small and Lightweight
  • Excellent Multimedia Functions
  • Expanded Bluetooth 1.2 Offerings Over Previous Sprint Phones
  • Excellent Handset Audio Quality
  • Fast Network When on EV-DO Network
  • Tinny Speakerphone Generates Too Much Feedback
  • Small Fixed Memory for Media Storage
  • Items Upload to Media Folder Can't Be Used For Ringers or Contacts
  • Battery Life Could Use Improvement
  • Below Average Camera


  • Flip phone with high-resolution display (240 x 320)
  • Bluetooth and megapixel camera
  • Lightweight: 3.9 ounces

Guide Review - Sprint Samsung SPH-A900

The Samsung SPH-A900 is a dual-band EVDO phone that will work on Sprint's previous digital PCS network or the new Power Vision high-speed network. Those looking to use the phone in areas covered by analog networks should look at other phones. When used on the Power Vision network, web browser and data access is extremely fast compared to the older digital PCS network. The Samsung a900 can even be used to tether a notebook computer either through the included USB cable or a Bluetooth adapter to the Internet although data rate charges can be quite expensive.

It can playback a number of media formats but not without flaws: First and foremost is the 48MB of fixed storage that limits the amount of media that can be stored on the phone. It would have been nice for Samsung to use a removable storage. Second, the files stored in the media folder cannot be used for ringers or be linked to contacts in the phone book. Audio playback via the included stereo headset and speakers is quite good though.

The size and style are the main selling points for the A900 and that's where it truly does excel. It looks very similar to the Motorola RAZR and is only slightly thicker. Construction is solid and should provide many years of service. The charging and data port is located on the side to accomodate the internal antennae, but you'll get used to this quickly.

This review was written by Mark Kyrnin, our excellent guide to PC hardware and reviews.

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