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The Sanyo MM-9000


Sanyo MM-9000

The Sanyo MM-9000

The Sanyo MM-9000 is also known as: Sanyo 9000

The Sanyo MM-9000 sports many a feature such as: broadband EV-DO wireless data, a LED flashlight, a camera with megapixel resolution and a speakerphone.

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  • "I have loaded media (video clips) from my comp on to my phone and watch it when im bored waiting for my train.I have recieved..."
  • "Hello everyone, wanna be part of some kind of community, possible here? anyone here?"

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Sanyo MM-9000 Specifications And Features

 • Weight: 4.60
 • Dimensions: 3.66 x 1.91 x 1.05
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 • Form Factor: Flip
 • Frequency Band(s): 1900

 • Cellular System: CDMA
 • Downloadable Applications Format: J2ME
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Telephony Features:
 • Built-in Speakerphone: yes
 • Push-to-Talk: yes
 • Video Conference: yes
 • Headset Jack: yes
 • Picture Caller ID: yes

 • Internal Memory: 18 mb
 • Memory Expansion: miniSD
 • Can Act As USB Mass Storage: Yes

 •  Color Display: yes (262144)
 • 3D Graphic support: Yes
 • Display Technology: TFT
 • Display Resolution: 240 x 320
 • Includes An External Display?: Yes
 • External Display Resolution: 72 x 96

 • Custom Ringtones: yes
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 • Polyphonic Ringtone Chords: 72-chord
 • Melody Composer: yes
 • Custom Graphics: Wallpaper
 • Polyphonic Ringtones: yes

 • wap: WAP 2.0
 • Web Browser: yes
 • PC data synchronization: yes
 • SyncML: yes
 • Remote over-the-air Synchronization: yes
 • Wireless Data Protocol: CDMA2000 1xEV-DO

 • Included Games: Yes
 • File Formats Accepted: MP3, AAC, AAC+,MPEG4, 3GPP, 3GPP2

Photos And Video:
 • Camera: 1.3-megapixel
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 • Camera flash: yes
 • Streaming Video Or TV: yes
 • Video Recorder: yes
 • Max video duration: up to 120 min

 • Music enabled: yes
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 • Predictive text input: T9
 • SMS: yes
 • MMS: yes
 • EMS: yes
 • Picture messaging: yes

 • Calculator: yes
 • Built-in Flashlight: yes
 • Alarm clock: yes

 • Languages Supported: English, Spanish

Battery Performance:
 • Stand-by Time:300 hours
 • Talk Time:192 minutes
 • Battery Type: Li Ion
 • Battery Power: 1000 mAh

Other Features:
 • Speech Recognition: yes

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** These Sanyo MM-9000 specifications can not be guaranteed accurate. Before buying a phone, please double check the availability of any feature that is important to you on the manufacturer's web site.

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