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Cell Phone Carriers and Service Plans

With so many service plans to choose from, which one is made specifically for you? We break down all your choices from the major and prepaid cell phone carriers.

Mega List: Best Prepaid Wireless, Pay-as-You-Go Plans
This is a library of the best prepaid wireless and pay-as-you-go plans at the major no-contract carriers. The list features all prepaid plans from AT&T, Boost Mobile, Consumer Cellular, Cricket, Jitterbug, PlatinumTel, Straight Talk, T-Mobile, TracFone and Virgin Mobile.

Price War: Verizon Wireless Cuts Pricing; AT&T Cuts, Too
Beginning on Jan. 18, 2010, customers can spend less money with both Verizon Wireless and AT&T as they compete for your wireless dollar on their higher-priced plans.

Price War: U.S. Cellular Offers Unlimited Calling Plans
A day after new pricing went live in Jan. 2010 at Verizon Wireless and AT&T for unlimited cell phone plans, national wireless carrier U.S. Cellular announced new unlimited plans, too.

Price War: All-Unlimited Cellular South Plan for $79.99
While you can pay about $120 for all-unlimited service at AT&T and Verizon Wireless, you can get the same service with Cellular South for $79.99. But that comes with a big catch.

Prepaid Carrier Page Plus Cellular Lowers Voice Rates Again
Page Plus Cellular, which in Nov. 2009 lowered the price of its standard prepaid wireless plan, in Jan. 2010 added more voice minutes to its pay-as-you-go mobile calling plan.

Low-Income Cell Phone Service: Assurance Wireless, SafeLink Wireless
Assurance Wireless from Virgin Mobile offers some low-income users initially free cell phone service and a handset at no cost. The service competes with SafeLink Wireless.

Verizon Wireless Doubles Contract Cancellation Rate to $350
If you have an “advanced device” at Verizon Wireless, you’ll now have to pay $350 instead of $175 if you decide to cancel your contract.

Page Plus Cellular Lowers Price of Standard Prepaid Wireless Plan
Prepaid wireless carrier Page Plus Cellular says its $10 replenishment card now provides 100 minutes of talk time instead of the 83 minutes previously provided. The increase lowers the per-minute rate from 12 cents to 10 cents.

Page Plus Cellular Expands International Service
Nationwide prepaid wireless carrier Page Plus Cellular has announced an expansion of its international service.

Which Networks Do the Prepaid Wireless Carriers Use?
Sometimes it’s clear which network a prepaid carrier is actually using and sometimes it’s not. This article simply lists which carrier you’re actually using with a lower-cost prepaid wireless carrier.

Independent Prepaid Wireless Site Rates 30 Carriers; T-Mobile Wins
PrepaidReviews.com, which is an independent site for consumer information on low-cost prepaid wireless service, has rated 30 carriers. T-Mobile tops the list.

Alltel Wireless Unveils Underwhelming, Restrictive Unlimited Messaging
A big mistake is newly announcing something that’s already obsolete. That’s what Alltel has done by automatically “enhancing” some of its plans with unlimited messaging.

Straight Talk at Walmart: Unlimited No-Contract Minutes, Texts for $45
Straight Talk offers a nationwide plan for $45 with unlimited minutes and text messages, but with only 30 megabytes of data for data-enabled phones.

User Answer: What’s Your Favorite Cell Phone Plan?
Share your story here about how much you're spending per month, how many minutes you get for your wireless buck and the pros and cons associated with your plan.

PlatinumTel Unveils $50 Unlimited Voice, Texting Plan With Some Data
Nationwide pay-as-you-go carrier PlatinumTel has unveiled a $50 unlimited voice and texting plan with 100 megabytes of high-speed 3G monthly data.

PlatinumTel Adds $10 Unlimited Data Option With $50 Unlimited Plan
After announcing a $50 plan with unlimited voice and texting but only 100 megabytes of data, PlatinumTel has fired back with a $10 bolt-on option for unlimited data.

How to Affordably Cancel Your Cell Phone Contract
What happens if you're under contract and you lose your job or otherwise experience financial hardship? How can you affordably break or cancel your cell phone contract?

Virgin Mobile Launches $49.99 Unlimited Plan
Virgin Mobile on April 15, 2009 became industry competitive yet again with a new Totally Unlimited prepaid wireless plan for $49.99.

Analysis: Is Prepaid Wireless or a Monthly Contract Right For You?
This comprehensive analysis compares scenarios for 200, 400 or 1,000 minutes per month with prepaid wireless versus contract plans at Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, Net10, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Tracfone and AT&T.

Prepaid Cell Phones: Virgin Mobile vs. Verizon Wireless
When is it cheaper to pay as you go for prepaid cell phones rather than be bound by a lengthy contract? This article analyzes various pay-as-you-go and contract-based scenarios with Virgin Mobile and Verizon Wireless in an apples-to-apples comparison.

Cricket Launches Wireless Service in Chicago, Puts 2,400 to Work
All-unlimited Cricket wireless service has launched in Chicago with 2,400 workers employed because of the expansion.

Spending Too Much on Your Bill? Illinois Residents Are, Report Says
After scrutinizing more than 32,000 cell phone bills as well as local and long-distance phone bills, a report reveals that at least Illinois consumers are paying too much on their bills to the tune of $575 each year.

Boost Mobile Unveils $50 Unlimited Voice, Data Prepaid Cell Phone Plan
Boost Mobile, which competes with MetroPCS and Cricket Wireless, is now offering an unlimited voice and data prepaid cell phone plan for only $50.

Cricket Wireless Expands $45 Unlimited Cell Phone Service
Cricket Wireless from San Diego-based Cricket Communications, which is a division of Leap Wireless, has expanded its low-cost wireless service to its largest market yet: Chicago.

Cell Phone or Home Phone Service? Talk Unlimited for $10, T-Mobile @Home Says
T-Mobile @Home service only costs $10 per month for unlimited home phone service. What's the catch? About.com investigates.

Virgin Mobile: Interview on Reasoning Behind ‘Totally Unlimited’ Plan
“Totally Unlimited” for $79.99 per month isn’t actually totally unlimited. This interview between About.com cell phones guide Adam Fendelman and Virgin Mobile delves into why.

Prepaid Cell Phones: Virgin Mobile’s Unlimited $79.99 Plan to Undercut ...
Virgin Mobile made cell phone history on July 1, 2008 when it launched the industry’s lowest-priced “everything” cell phone service plan. For $79.99 a month with no contract or credit card required, you can talk as long as you want.

Comprehensive Cell Phone, Wireless Service Plan Buying Guide
For more information, WirelessGuide.org is a comprehensive cell phone and wireless service plan buying guide.

Cell Phone Service Plan Comparisons at LetsTalk.com
LetsTalk.com lists an objective variety of cell phone service plans and mobile phones.

New, Pre-Paid Cell Phone Service Plans at PhoneDog.com
PhoneDog.com lists third-party information about new cell phone service plans along with pre-paid plans.

Compare Various Cell Phone Service Plans at YouNeverCall.com
Compare a wide array of cell phone service plans and phones at YouNeverCall.com.

Objective Selection of Cell Phone Service Plans at Wirefly
Wirefly lists an objective selection of cell phone service plans from the major carriers.

Before You Sign a Cell Phone Contract: What You Need to Know
Signing a service contract with a cell phone carrier is often necessary to get the cellular service and the cell phone that you want. But committing to a two-year contract can be intimidating, even if you're not a commitment-phobe.

Prepaid Cell Phone Plans: Pros and Cons
A prepaid phone plan, sometimes called a pay-as-you-go plan, is one of the best ways to save money on cellular service. You only pay for the minutes you use, and you're not tied in to a lengthy service contract.

Find Your Cheapest Cellular Service Plan
You may think that deciding on the right handset is the hardest -- and costliest -- part of shopping for a new cell phone or smartphone. But you could spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on cellular service over the life of your phone, so finding the cheapest cell phone service available can save you plenty.

I Bought an Unlocked Cell Phone. How Do I Use It?
If you've bought an unlocked smartphone, you'll need a SIM (subscriber identity module) to get service.

AT&T's iPhone 3G Service Plans
When purchasing an iPhone 3G, you'll need a voice plan, a data plan, and a text messaging plan in order to use the phone. Since the iPhone 3G only works on AT&T's network, your choices are limited to the plans that AT&T offers. Here's what you can expect to pay.

A BlackBerry Pearl to Flip For?
Research In Motion has rolled out the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220—the first ever BlackBerry with a folding, clamshell design. The result is a sleek phone with excellent messaging features. But you do make some sacrifices to get a compact clamshell-style BlackBerry.

iPhone 3G's Pricey Service Plan
A new iPhone 3G may be cheaper than the first-generation iPhone, but in the long run, you can expect to spend more on the new iPhone 3G. That's because the phone's service plan is more expensive. An iPhone 3G with 8GB of storage will cost you $199; a first-generation iPhone with the same amount of storage cost $399 at its cheapest. So why will you spend more on the iPhone 3G?

Guide to Selecting Cellular Service at PCWorld.com
PC World offers a list of what you need to know about cellular service before you go shopping for your next smartphone.

CNET's Guide to Finding the Perfect Cellular Carrier
CNET tackles reader questions about which cellular carrier is the best.

PC Magazine Reader Survey on Cellular Service
PC Mag's readers share their opinions of the companies providing their cellular service.

Cell Phone Plan Reviews From ConsumerSearch.com
ConsumerSearch analyzes the various plans available from the nation's biggest cellular carriers.

Guide to Cellular Service from WirelessAdvisor.com
WirelessAdvisor.com aims to cut consumer confusion, by offering explanations of the various voice and data plans available for today's cellphones.

AT&T Buys T-Mobile - AT&T T-Mobile Merger
AT&T Buys T-Mobile - AT&T T-Mobile Merger

Data Roaming Vacation Checklist
Learn how to avoid potentially huge bills for using too much mobile data whilst on vacation in a foreign country.

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