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You may think that deciding on the right handset is the hardest -- and costliest -- part of shopping for a new cell phone or smartphone. But the cell phone plan you choose is just as important.
  1. Service Plan Shopping Tips
  2. AT&T Cell Phone Service Plans
  3. Sprint Nextel Cell Phone Service Plans
  4. T-Mobile Cell Phone Service Plans
  5. Smaller Cellular Carriers

Service Plan Shopping Tips

Ove the life of your phone, you may spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on cellular service. And not all service plans and service contracts are created equal. So do your homework before signing on the dotted line.

AT&T Cell Phone Service Plans


AT&T doesn't always earn raves for the strength of its network. But the carrier continues to grow, in large part because it remains -- for now, at least -- the exclusive carrier of Apple's iPhone.

Sprint Nextel Cell Phone Service Plans

Sprint Nextel Corp.

Sprint Nextel operates the third-largest mobile network in the U.S., behind Verizon Wireless and AT&T. In the past, the carrier was known for offering business-centric phones, not splashy fun devices. But that reputation has changed recently, as the carrier has branched out with high-profile phones like the Palm Pre and the HTC EVO 4G.

T-Mobile Cell Phone Service Plans


T-Mobile is the smallest of the four big nationwide carriers, but the company has made strides in recent years to extend its service area. T-Mobile also launched its own 3G network, and has boosted its cell phone and smartphone offerings.

Smaller Cellular Carriers

Boost Mobile

As rivals to the major cell phone companies, these smaller, sometimes niche wireless carriers Bare designed to offer cheaper service. Many offer pre-paid phone service, while others offer service aimed at specific users, such as senior citizens.

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