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Metro PCS, A Monthly cell phone plan By Metro PCS


Description of the Metro PCS cell phone plan named: Metro PCS, a Monthly cell phone plan.


  • Included Minutes: Unlimited
  • Monthly Fee: $50.00
  • Designed For: Individuals
  • Weekends: Free
  • Voice Mail: incl
  • Call Waiting: incl
  • Caller ID: incl
  • Call Forwarding: $5/month

Rates And Cards (prepaid only):

What would be the real cost of that Monthly plan for you? The Service Plan Comparison Calculator will tell you and automatically compare it with other Monthly cell phone plans to find the one that best fits your needs.

Long Distance Calls And Roaming:

  • Domestic Long Distance: Incl.
  • Calls To Canada: $0.02 surcharge per minute*
  • International Calls: Details...
  • * Given the generally high cost of cell phone long distance , it is usually smarter to use a third party calling card.

Other Options:

  • Other Options: Metro PCS also offers the following bundles: $2 for unlimited 411; Unlimited PictureTalk and text for $5 a month; Unlimited AIM, email or web surfing for $5 a month

Additional Charges:

  • One-Time Setup Fee: $0.00 *
  • Early Termination Fee: $0.00
  • * Important advice: Setup fees are just a trick to make a bit more money. Most carriers will accept to waive that fee if you call them to complain about it BEFORE subscribing to one of their service plans. Appear scandalized when they mention the fee and say you will kill the deal and you'll see how fast any setup fee will disappear.
  • ** Carriers typically also charge special taxes that vary depending on the state

Follow this link to Metro PCS cell phone plans.

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