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How To Choose The Best Service Plan For Your Needs

By Russell Ware, About.com Guide to Cell Phones

There are close to a hundred different service plans, prepaid or monthly billed, to choose from in the U.S. and Canada. This includes tens of "MVNO's", companies that do not own a cellular network but rent airtime from major carriers to offer their own cell phone plans. So don't just obey the latest TV ad, there are ways to determine the exact best fit for your needs.

  1. Making Initial Choices
  2. Going Prepaid
  3. Opting For Monthly Billed

Making Initial Choices

Before deciding on a plan, take a moment to ask yourself these important questions:

Going Prepaid

Prepaid is the best choice if you have a bad credit rating, don't want to commit to a contract or if you will only use your cell phone occasionally.

Opting For Monthly Billed

Signing up for a monthly service plan is the best choice if you plan to use your cell phone frequently or need advanced services such as wireless data, picture mail, push-to-talk or push email (BlackBerry devices).

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