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Build your personalized Mobile Notepad

The Mobile Notepad is the quickest way to bring a note with you: it turns your cell phone into a notepad on which you can "write" instantly and easily through your own personalized page on this site. Set up your page below and from now on, all you'll have to do is click on the homepage button of your browser (or your bookmarks) and type or paste what you want to send to your phone just there. No need to print or write down notes anymore in those situations:

  • Going shopping: Why print or write it? Just send your shopping list to your phone!
  • Need to go somewhere: Send the address and phone number to your phone in a wink!
  • Out of town next weekend: A list of things to do and the addresses you need once there
  • A phone number that you'll use just once: Just send it using your Mobile Notepad page
  • With most phones, you can even just browse to the message and use the menu to dial any phone number visible in the message
  • Using that function, you can even use your Mobile Notepad to add new contacts to your phone!
  • Setup and bookmark one such page for your lover or spouse to quickly send them messages during the day
  • Here is how it works: Set it up below and this will bring you to your special Mobile Notepad page. You then set that page as your homepage (recommended) or bookmark it, and then whenever you need to send a note to your phone, all you have to do is click the home button and paste or type the info you want in the text box then hit send: the message ends up in your cell phone's inbox! I've used it for a few days and it's cool. I just wish I thought of this earlier.

    By the way, don't worry, this is absolutely not meant to send spam to your cell phone or anything at all other than the notes you'll send yourself. Believe me, the About cell phones site keeps me busy enough that I don't have time to annoy people with spam on top of that -- and I get my share quite enough to know how unpleasant that can be. This service is sincere and I believe it's great too!

    Try it now, it's easy. Just fill-in that information:

    Your first name:

    Your cell phone number: (With area code and NO hyphens, no dots, nothing. E.g.: "2125551234")

    Select your cellular service provider:

    Your mobile notes will be sent to this cell phone email:


    Now, please type in your real life email that will be used to identify the sender:


    * By the way, you can also use this service with a regular email address if you wish. For instance, you can setup one of these Mobile Notepad pages with the email of your co-workers, which is a quick way to send them notes as you have new ideas throughout the day.

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