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Cell Phone Text Messaging

Sometimes what you have to say can be said in a few words via text without the need for a phone call. Here we cover everything about texting you need to know from the different ways to text to the various service plans for texting.

35 Common SMS Abbreviations
Make sending text messages quicker by learning some of the most common SMS abbreviations used today.

Poll: How Many Text Messages Until You Make a Phone Call?
How many total text messages need to be sent per conversation until it’s time to pick up the phone and talk it out by voice? Share your opinion in this poll.

How to Backup Text Messages With Treasuremytext
The more you text, the more you may find yourself having to delete them once your cell phone runs out of storage space. But what if you archived them online so they’re saved forever? You can (for free!) with Treasuremytext.

Text Messaging Tips That Avoid Data Plans
This list of text messaging tips helps you maximize what texting can do for you without having to pay extra for Web data usage.

Best Text Messaging Cell Phones
With so many full-keyboard cell phones out there, which deserve your consideration as the best text messaging handsets? This list features to you the best we’ve reviewed.

Do You Use MMS Picture Messaging?
Following the global proliferation of SMS text messaging, MMS picture messaging continues to increase in popularity. Do you use MMS to send pictures from your cell phone?

Cheap Text Messaging: Which Carrier is Cheapest?
For those of us who use text messaging religiously, this question is begged: Which cell phone carrier offers the best text messaging plan for the cheapest price? This list compares plans across the industry.

Best Free Text Messaging Services
Why pay for a text messaging plan with your cell phone carrier when independent services exist that offer you free text messaging? This About.com list presents to you the best services for free text messaging.

Free Text Messaging: Review of SMS Service txtDrop.com
This is a review of free text messaging service txtDrop.com, which offers a simple and easy-to-use Web interface for free text messaging.

Free Text Messaging: Review of SMS Service mjoy
This is a review of free text messaging service mjoy, which also offers microblogging and other social networking services.

Free Text Messaging: Review of Free SMS Service Peekamo
This is a review of free text messaging service Peekamo, which also offers microblogging and other unique text messaging services.

TextHog Offers Free, Simple Expense Tracking From Your Phone
Chicago-based TextHog is here to empower you to manage your expenses securely on your cell phone via texting.

User Answer: How Much Do You Use Text Messaging?
Is text messaging as central to your cell phone as talking on it or is SMS messaging a feature your cell phone has that you never use? Share your text messaging story!

Send Unlimited, Free Text Messages to Any Mobile Phone With mjoy
You can send unlimited text messages for free to any mobile phone in the world with mjoy.

Twitter: Free Microblogging Service Perhaps the Perfect Mobile Blogging Tool
Where free microblogging service Twitter spills into the land of the especially unique is in its ability to push its to-the-point content directly to your mobile phone.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton Voters Want Cell Phones to Amplify Voice
In 2008, presidential candidates Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain better listen up. The youth vote is asking them to consider pervasive cell phone technology as a means to increase voter turnout and allow their voices to be heard.

Free Text Messaging From Txt2Day.com
Txt2Day.com allows you to send free text messages to many cell phone carriers.

Comprehensive List of Text Message Shorthand From NetLingo
NetLingo has a helpful, comprehensive list of shorthand for cell phone text messaging.

Free Text Messaging From TextForFree.net
TextForFree.net offers free text messaging to a wide array of cell phone carriers.

Send Thousands of Emergency Text Messages From VoiceShot
In times of emergency, VoiceShot offers a service to distribute thousands of pre-authorized text messages.

College Batch Text Messaging From e2Campus
e2Campus has access to hundreds of college campuses and more than scores of students for the purpose of batch updating your campus community with fresh information.

Free Text Messaging From txtDrop.com
The mission of txtDrop.com is to make text messaging from the Internet free and easy.

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