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Free Text Messaging: Review of SMS Service mjoy

Incomplete guide trial; registration process failed repeatedly


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Rather than paying your cell phone carrier for text messaging, free text messaging service mjoy offers a stupid-simple value proposition to cell phone users: “send unlimited free text messages to any mobile phone in the world”.

But there are two caveats.

First, while mjoy prevents you from needing to pay your carrier for a text messaging plan, you’ll still need a data plan. Data plans are often even more expensive.

Second, you must accept that the free service is supported by lots of advertising.
If you already pay for a data plan or you’re thinking about bolting one on in an affordable way, though, mjoy might pique your interest.

To register at its Web site, just enter your country and cell phone number. In our trial, we received a text message within seconds of doing so. There’s a Web link within that message, and to proceed, you must go online to fully register for the service.

You then choose a nickname, enter a password and enter your password a second time. Upon submitting this information, the connection to mjoy failed repeatedly. We could not proceed beyond this point and fully test the service.

Features of mjoy

With mjoy, there is no 160-character limit for SMS messages. Like with Gmail from Google, text messages are sorted as conversations with people and conversations are displayed in chat mode.

Beyond free text messaging to any mobile phone in the world, the free and advertising-supported mjoy service also allows you to store all your phone contacts for free. Many cell phone carriers charge for such “wireless contact backup”.

In addition, mjoy is also a social networking service. Much like the popular microblogging service Twitter and free text messaging rival Peekamo, with mjoy you can post updates to the world and follow updates from others, too.
Like MySpace or Facebook, you can also find interesting people at mjoy and connect with friends. The service also allows you to install applications such as games and widgets and download music, videos and pictures.

On March 4, 2009, mjoy reported on its Web site that 88,129 users had signed up from across the globe (141 countries in all) with 754 new members on that day. On May 15, 2009, mjoy said 153,053 users have signed up from across the globe from 151 countries.
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