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The Ringtones FAQ

* This is version 2.0 of the Ringtones FAQ. Despite all the efforts to ensure that everything presented here is accurate, there might be mistakes.

If you see an eroneous information or think of something that would be worth adding to that Ringtones FAQ, please contact me.

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- What's the buzz about Ringtones exactly?
- Does my [brand of your phone] have a personalizable ringtone function?
- Do all phones allow programmable ringtones?
- Where can I get ringtones for my phone?
- Why do some sites ask me to pay in order for them to send a new ringtone to my phone?
- How many Ringtones can I carry in my phone?
- I'm planning to buy a phone. Do they all have equivalent ringtone engines?
- Ringtone, Ringer Tone, Melody, Tune, what's the proper term exactly?

- How do I add a ringtone to my Nokia phone?
- How do I add a ringtone to my [your phone's brand] phone?
- How do I transfer ringtones with the RTTTL (or Nokring) format?
- How do I transfer ringtones with the Nokia binary format?
- Instead of using ringtones composed by other persons, how do I compose my own?
- Why do ringtones have to be delivered to my phone by SMS?
- What is Smart Messaging?
- Why can't Ericsson, Siemens, Motorola and other phones receive ringtones by SMS?
- Why can't I just copy and paste and send myself a ringtone through a free SMS gateway?

- What are the RTTTL, Nokia 3210 or even binary formats?
- How Do I Distinguish A Nokring/RTTTL ringtone from other ringtones?
- Which formats are used by the other brands of phones, like Samsung, Ericsson or Siemens?
- Why are there no free Nextel or Sprint ringtones available all over the Internet?
- What is the iMelody ringtones format?

- How do I convert Nokia ringtones to my phone's format?
- I just entered a ringtone in my phone using Uniring and it does not work, why?
- After converting a ringtone, the notes are right but it is too slow or rapid, why?

- What happens once my phone receives a ringtone sent by SMS?
- Where can I get technical support for ringtones issues?
- So, is there a copyright issue with Ringtones?


* You may ask a question that is not covered by this Ringtone FAQ but please do review the whole FAQ and make sure the answer is not here before asking a question or you will be forwarded a canned message asking you to read the Ringtones FAQ again.
** The Ringtone FAQ is private. Please don't reproduce it. Link to it instead, using the following link to the FAQ's home page:

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