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Tips & Tricks to Get More Out of Your Smartphone

Want to do more than just make calls and send messages with your smartphone? You've come to the right place. Our how-to guides will walk you through some common tasks you can perform with your phone, step by step. Our phone hacks will show you what you can do to your phone if you’re willing to go above and beyond—and don’t mind voiding any warranty your phone may have.

Disable Android Bloatware
Improve the performance of your Android phone by disabling unwanted bloatware.

Smartphone Advice and Tips - Find Free Software and Apps for …
Whether you're a brand-new smartphone user, or someone who's had a smartphone for a while, these articles can help you get more out of your device.

This site offers forums for discussing cell phone tips, tricks, and hacks.

This site offers tips and tricks for hacking your iPhone, including information on the various applications available for Apple's smartphone.

17 Smartphone Tweaks and Games From PC World
This columnist explains how he hacked his Windows Mobile-based phone to run games on it.

iPhone Hacks From HackThatPhone.com
This international site offers information on unlocking and hacking your Apple iPhone.

Mobile Phone Information at HowardForums.com
This site offers a comprehensive collection of information on everything related to cellphones, including info on how to tweak your phone to get the most out of it.

BlackBerry Basics for New Users
These three BlackBerry basics for new users help you get the most out of your device. Use these three basic BlackBerry tips to get the most out of your new BlackBerry.

Transferring Data to and From Your BlackBerry
This article is about transferring data to and from your BlackBerry. There are different ways to accomplish data transfers, and this article describes the different methods for data transfer between your BlackBerry and desktop.

Synchronizing Your BlackBerry Contacts With a Desktop Application
Your BlackBerry is an outstanding contact manager, and it's the perfect companion to the desktop software you store your contacts in. When you synchronize your BlackBerry with a desktop application, you ensure that your contacts list is always up to date, and create a backup in case your BlackBerry is damaged, lost or stolen. Follow these instructions to synchronize your BlackBerry contacts with…

Use Google Maps With Telenav to Save Time
Use Google Maps With Telenav to Save Time by sending addresses directly to your BlackBerry. Save time by using Google Maps to send addresses to Telenav on your Blackberry.

Tips for Managing Calls with Your BlackBerry
Learn how to handle calls on your BlackBerry. Learn more about how to use your BlackBerry to manage calls, and handle calls professionally.

How to Manage Your Smartphone's Data Consumption
If you have a limited data plan on your smartphone, here are a few ways to monitor your data usage.

Hard Resets Versus Soft Resets on Your BlackBerry
How to perform hard resets versus soft resets on your BlackBerry. When to perform hard and soft resets on your BlackBerry. Performing resets on your BlackBerry.

Where to Find Free BlackBerry Themes
How and where to find free themes for your BlackBerry.

Where to Find BlackBerry Help
Need help with your BlackBerry? You'll find plenty of resources online.

BlackBerry Tip: How to Clear the App World Cache
Learn how to clear the cache in BlackBerry App World so that you can get app updates more quickly.

Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Your New BlackBerry
Now that you've brought home a new BlackBerry, we can help you learn how to use it, and get the most out of it.

Extend Battery Life on the BlackBerry Torch 9800
A lot of BlackBerry Torch users have voiced concerns about its battery life. Here are some steps you can take to extend your battery life between charges.

How to Change Your BlackBerry Wallpaper
Follow these steps to change your BlackBerry's wallpaper.

BlackBerry Etiquette: Avoid Annoying People With Your BlackBerry
BlackBerrys have earned the nickname "Crackberry" because a lot of BlackBerry users spend so much time using their devices that they are perceived as having an addiction.

QR Codes Are the New Business Card - Put Your Business Card Information In a...
QR Codes Are the New Business Card - Put Your Business Card Information In a QR Code

How to Move Icons On Your BlackBerry - How to Rearrange BlackBerry Icons
How to Move Icons On Your BlackBerry - How to Rearrange BlackBerry Icons

Customizing the Windows Phone 8 Lock Screen
When you only have a few seconds to check what is happening on your Windows 8 phone, the lock screen can a really useful tool.

Managing Android Apps
Learn how to keep your apps running smoothly on your Android smartphone, from being able to reset app defaults to disabling the carrier installed apps.

Speed Up Your Android Phone
Learn how to make your Android smartphone run as quickly and as smoothly as it did the day you bought it.

Samsung Galaxy Battery Saving Tips
Learn some simple, yet effective, ways to prolong the life of the battery in your Galaxy smartphone.

How To Backup Your HTC One
Learn how to backup the data, images, music and settings on your HTC One and HTC One Mini.

HTC One BlinkFeed Guide
BlinkFeed on the HTC One is a great way to keep up to date with news, views and reviews. Learn how to get BlinkFeed working to its full potential.

Understanding Smartphone Storage
Learn more about the storage space and memory capacity of your smartphone, and why 16GB of storage space doesn't always mean 16GB.

Samsung Galaxy - S Voice Tips
Useful tips to help get the most out of S Voice on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet.

Windows Phone 8 – Problem Solving
Learn the best ways to recover, restart and reboot a Windows 8 phone in the event of a system failure.

Galaxy S5 Tips and Tricks
Some of the clever, useful, time-saving or just plain cool things your Samsung Galaxy S5 can do.

Checking Your Wi-Fi and 4G Speeds
Check up on the Wi-Fi and 3G/4G connection speed you are getting on your phone, anywhere and any time.

Before You Root
If you are thinking about rooting your Android phone, here are a few things to think about before you take that first step.

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