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List Of American Cellular Phone Companies

Looking for a cellular phone company? Here is a list of the most important U.S. cell phone companies.
Sprint PCS Cell Phones And Company Information
Information about Sprint cell phones and cell phone plans.
Nextel Cell Phones And Company Information
Get information about Nextel Cell Phones and cell phone plans. Nextel is owned by Sprint.
AT&T Cell Phones And Cell Phone Plans
A GSM technology carrier, made up of a mix of acquired companies on the west and east coasts of the United States. AT&T bought back Cingular in 2007, after having first been bought by Cingular years before.
Verizon Wireless
Formed from acquired companies, Verizon offers CDMA phones with analog roaming on a vast nationwide territory.
T-Mobile USA
T-Mobile is a GSM-only company, offering phones in urban areas in most cases with no analog roaming in rural areas.
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