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Where Can I Buy the New iPhone 3G S?


iPhone 3G S

The new Apple iPhone 3G S

Question: Where Can I Buy the New iPhone 3G S?

Apple's new iPhone 3G S hits stores on June 19, and both Apple and AT&T are prepping for long lines. Here are the details on where -- and exactly when -- you can get your hands on the new iPhone.

Option 1: Pre-Order Your iPhone 3G S

Both Apple and AT&T are accepting pre-orders for the iPhone on their Websites. If you pre-order at either site by June 17, your phone will be shipped to you directly for arrival on June 19.

You also can head to your local AT&T or Apple retail store to pre-order your iPhone in person. You can opt to have it delivered to you for arrival on June 19, or you can reserve a phone for in-store pickup on that date.

On Friday, June 19, AT&T will open some of its stores at 7am, and will have a special line for people who have pre-ordered their phones. These people will be given priority until the start of normal business hours, AT&T says.

Some Apple stores will open at 8am on June 19, but the company has not said whether shoppers who have reserved devices will be given priority, or whether they will have to wait in line with everyone else.

Option 2: Purchase the iPhone The Day It Launches

If past iPhone launch days are any indication, June 19 is likely to be a very busy day for Apple and AT&T. You can expect long lines and big crowds.

AT&T stores will open at 7am, but customers who have pre-ordered their phones will be given preference over customers who have not. Customers who have not yet ordered phones will have to wait in line and will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Some Apple stores will open early on June 19, too, at 8am. Customers who have not pre-ordered their phones will have to wait in line and hope that the store does not run out of iPhones.

Option 3: Wait Until All the Madness Has Passed -- or Buy the iPhone Online

We may see a shortage of iPhone 3G S handsets in the days immediately following the launch, but any shortage isn't likely to last for long. So if you're willing to take the risk that you may not get your new iPhone right away, you can always wait a few days or so, and head to an Apple or AT&T store then.

And, of course, you can order the iPhone 3G S online at any time. You may have to wait for your device to be shipped to your house, but at least you won't be waiting in line.

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