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Readers Respond: What's Your Best Budget Cell Phone?

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We have presented you with our highest-rated and best budget cell phones. Whether you’ve had a positive or negative experience with one of these or you recommend another, we’d like to hear from you what you consider to be your best budget cell phone. Share your story so others can learn from you! Share Your Story


Just5 is worthy to be included in the list of budget cell phone that is ideal for senior citizens. The phone, which has packed with practical features, is offered at an affordable cost. Plus, this provider also offers simple and affordable calling plans. The price of the calling plans range from $10 to $40. And because the minutes expire in 90 days, the cheapest calling plan will only cost $3.33 a month. As well, the unlimited service only costs $40.
—Guest Jana


Okay i have being trying to sign up for this cellphone but you keep telling me that it is pending because i guest that someone that live here before sign up at this adderss 3758 Catalina Dr Cocoa fl,32926and this person is not here anymore that i can not sign up for this phone that i here i here people saiding great things about so tell me how long is this appication going to be pending because its not right that i cant get this phone do you think this is right at all how would you feel if it was you the say way that i feel i hope thank you and you have a bless day
—Guest Phyllis Smith

Companies taking advantage of seniors

Kajeet, Jiterbugs, Doros, they're all borderline $100 for a handset?! Why? That's not the personalizes service, or coverage, that's only the handset. Compared to tracfone's SVC phone that only costs $15. Why the massive difference? On the one hand tracfone might be subsidizing their phone a lot, or the other companies are merely extorting seniors for the lack of tech knowledge they have. There is no reasonable explanation apart from companies taking the pliss outa seniors.
—Guest Earnest

assurance and phone for the poor

its simple. assurance, is virgin they are a sub of ether verizon or who is the other?? to sure, its a tax thing they do other wise they would have to give discounts. also they use ATT they have deal so the towers are used.. there is one that uses sprint. nothing is for free .. see those charges coming out and the refusal to give it back?
—Guest dharma


awesumwireless.com has a phone and 400 minutes of talk and or text that are good for a year. Cost $32.00. Run out of minutes? Cost $15.00 for 400 more or $10 for 200... Cheapest deal out there...Ordered one for my grandma...
—Guest Courtney

Assurance wireless

Assurance wireless took money 30.00 out of my account for services I didn't use and refused to put it back. They said I waited to long but I had called them about it eailer and they were sopposed to get back to me and never did.
—Guest Dee Dee


This phone service sucks!!! I can't get a tower unable to make calls after paying for xtra minutes.had phone 2 months now no tower service. I called the company told me they couldn't help me that i needed to try near a window didn't work . Yesterday service was good no matter where I stood I am very disapointed w/this 250 min free service.It took 2wks for them to get my phone # right @ the beginning now this! I guess nobody will help me I hope you lose customers because of this its bad enough i have financial problems and on disability and this is suppose to be help from the government. Just another thing there involved in that's broke and taking advantage of people like me. Thanks
—Guest april


For the money, we get unlimited talk, text, and web. In order to get a good browser, the up front investment in a phone is a little bit high..more than $120, but after you get the phone going the service is fine. It has gotten better since the coverage areas have expanded, and $40 month for unlimited use is pretty good.
—Guest Deana

TracFone and Assurance.

I'll say that even though Assurance is nicer, I'd have to go with crappy TracFone. TracFone lets you text by using the minutes you're given, as well as the web. But it's slow, which makes it independable. Assurance is quick, but the only thing you can do is call. That's irratating because not everyone can just call someone in certain situations, and I am often in those situations. I also need the internet for e-mail when I'm on the go. So TracFone, even though the service SUCKS, is a better choice for me.
—Guest Grrapay

cricket has been dependable

I ve been with a few cellular companies. Most of them required a contract and then i had to pay a lot of money to cancel the contract if i wanted out of it. And it used to be that they didnt prorated the cancellation fee. You had to pay the whole amount no matter how long you had been in the contract. It was a consumer nightmare (allowed by our government). I have been with a no contract company called Cricket. I dont think it is a national carrier. Well they are here in South Texas and Their service is fair. I am satisfied with their service. The big advantage is their no contract and reasonable monthly rate. Their negative side is that phones are expensive. You pay a lot for a basic phone. Also, you have to pay a 3 dollar fee to make the payment in person. They also offer broadband which is cheaper than other carriers. I had to cancell my land line (home phone) because ATT lets third parties add charges to your bill, even when u didnt make the call.
—Guest Paks

response to GoingPlaces

Going...I hope you never become chronically ill, nor unemployed and suddenly, discover you cannot afford even the most basic thing. I've been on both sides of the fence, and now, with lung disease brought on partly by breast cancer treatment, and other problems, I can no longer work. I pay for my cell phones now, but there might be a time where i or my daughter, when it's my time to go, cannot, and I'll be ever grateful to have that free phone that I can use! May God bless you that you never face these problems, and have to look back and wonder why you commented what you did!
—Guest Gina Saikin

Finally! A carrier that doesn't rip-off

For years I owned a cell via contract like most other people I know. Recently I discovered NET10 prepaid and was amazed. They are so much less expensive than what I've been paying. I don't know why I never noticed before, guess I was not all that concerned about saving money. Anyway, the lower cell cost is one thing but really impressed me was the no-nonsense way NET10 works. No hidden fees, no sneaky daily-use charges, no long-distance fees, no ETFs (duh, no contract!), just good quality network coverage and you always know how much you pay per minute. If only all the others were this straightforward in their dealings...
—Guest Kev

Another phone for seniors

I work for Snapfon and we also sell a phone for seniors. It is only $99.99. You can see it on amazon.com or on our website (www.snapfon.com). It is also carried by Independent Living aides.
—Guest Adrienne Powell

nokia 3610

I got nokia 3610 for my mother, she doesn't care about internet or texting she just wants a phone that is easy to use and works good. here is what she had to say: Big buttons are easy to see volume gets loud. Great audio quality, excellent service, it even works in the basement, good battery life. I am happy that I found a phone she enjoys to use. I would highly recommend this phone to anyone who wants a no frills phone that works great.
—Guest just mobile phone

Peek Pronto

The Pronto is available from Amazon with Lifetime service included for a little under $300. It's a barebones device meant for text messaging and email. It has no bells and no whistles; the home screen is your inbox, and there are no functions you've come to expect in even the most basic phones, such as a calculator or calendar. It does not offer talk, has no camera, and it is a bit sluggish. If price is the bottom line, it's a great choice. It's a $300 investment that provides cellular service (operating on T-Mobile's GSM network) that has no additional expenses. Once again, this little thing is no frills and no bills. Unlimited texting and email forever.
—Guest Stephen

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What's Your Best Budget Cell Phone?

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