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Readers Respond: How Much Would You Pay for a Smartphone?

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From the article: The Best Budget Smartphones
Now that Apple and AT&T have cut the price of the iPhone 3G down to $99, other smartphone makers are following suit. We're seeing more and more smartphones available for less than $100. That has me wondering: How much are you willing to pay for a new, full-featured smartphone? Name your price.

cheaper monthly plans!!

Actually i'm ok with paying more but monthly plans are just so expensive. it's ridiculous if you think about how much you would pay for phone plans with data.
—Guest van

this is my respone title what do i do

i would pay $10 for a smart phone yes i would and thats it do u mind? didnt think so!
—Guest bobert


I want to buy a smartphone price ranging from 100-150 USD. it should have 3g capabilities and should be function with Middle East (Oman) service providers.
—Guest Shibu Daniel

105 $

I want a cool phone with a price of 105 or less.I kind of like the keyboard textin so i thought maybe droid eris
—Guest f


The closer smartphones become to performing like PC's or laptops the value will obviously continue to increase. I'd pay up to 180.00.
—Guest winmo junkie

smart phone -touch model

i will pay $70.00 for atouch model smart phone will the black berry suit me.i am interested in the google brand
—Guest syed

Google phone price

I want to purchase a used phone for $150. Do now want carrier which is too expensive. Wi-fi is fine.
—Guest Thomas Cameron

less than 60 $

im looking for a phone that will pay between 30$ to 50$
—Guest ashly

My buying price

100.00$ is about rthe most I could afford. Times are hard these days. Let me know what you think?
—Guest Graham Hachey

Less than 60$

I won't pay more than 60$ for a smartphone on an expensive plan. If the plan isn't that expensive, I'd pay from 0-100$. But, for example, the IPhone 3G S costs $100 with a $60/month plan? That's ridiculous. After all, everyone knows that probably half of the price is so just because it's from Apple. I refuse to pay an extra $50 just because Apple created this phone. I'm on a budget and I'd rather not spend that much on quality. I'm not against a crappy, cheap phone as long as it does what I want it to do, which is, elementarily, the purpose of a phone: to communicate with people. I don't care about apps, e-mail, internet...just get me a decent camera and a music player, plus decent phoning and texting and I'm good to go!
—Guest JB

how much

iam wiiling to pay from $100-350 for a smartphone so if you can help me that would be good
—Guest shaq

my favourite smarphone

i will pay $40 for a smartphone.my favourite smartphone is blackberry.

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