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Readers Respond: How Much Do You Use Cell Phone GPS?

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GPS is now heavily integrated into cell phones and smartphones. For the mobile user, the global satellites can now give us turn-by-turn driving directions and are utilized by a wide array of location-based smartphone applications. We want to know how often you use GPS and if you have any stories of when the technology was particularly useful to you.

Seldom GPS User

Seldomly use it but it comes very handy when I do.
—Guest Ping

I'd forgotten it was there!

I have a gps in the car so I don't use the phone for it -- of course, if I get lost in the woods hopefully it could locate me for my rescuers.
—Guest SWBrown


i use cell phone gps as part of my job as a trucker although i am thinking about getting a standalone gps with truck specific routing. the cellphone based gps isnt as good for truckers as it should be but it gets the job done when needed.
—Guest dan

service tech

I use it every time i travel. Daily. 5 days a week. That would be about 30 weeks per year.
—Guest kbrotton

Use of Cell Phone GPS

I have the ability to pay for GPS service on my cell phone but as with other cell phone activities while driving, I find them simply inappropriate and even dangerous to be having to look at your cell phone for directions while you are driving. Also, there is a fee to use it on the ATT phone I use. So, for those reasons, I do not use the GPS functions of my cell phone.
—Guest Linda Vance

GPS on phone

I needed it once, and when I lost my signal, I lost the GPS. So at $10/month, I dropped it.

Directionally Impaired - Gotta have it.

I used to be lost all the time. I was afraid to go places I had never been because I would, invariably, get lost - sometimes in bad neighborhoods. I can get lost 3 blocks from my house if I get in an unfamiliar street, or if it is dark and I come in from the "wrong" direction. With my GPS, I can confidently drive around and I know I can find my way. I've started taking road trips, and no longer have to leave 3 hours early to get to an appointment to ensure time to get lost and then find my way. It is also very handy when taking a long trip. I can find the nearest Starbucks, gas station or rest area. I feel really free to go where I want for the first time in my life. Before, I always had to go with someone else because I could not find my way. Now I drive others!
—Guest FyreKat

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