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Readers Respond: How Important Are Ringtones to You?

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When you think ringtones, what crosses your mind? Are they critical to your cell phone experience or a trivial add-on you don’t need or use? In sharing your very own ringtones story, feel free to discuss where you get your favorite ringtones, what you love about them or what you don’t.

best websites to download free ringtones

Great Post, the link below also recommends a good website to download free ringtones. Hope you like it. Thanks. http://www.quertime.com/article/arn-2010-09-09-1-download-free-ringtones-for-mobile-phone-or-cell-phone/
—Guest Quertime

very importnt

It is impotant to me because music is a part my life especially christian music. I believe good music is the part.
—Guest Juanita Becenti


I have got 2 ringtones on my cell.and i love em and i dont want them to go! but they cost me money.
—Guest tom edward


I am deaf. I am unable to hear ringtones from a distance of 3 mts. Looking for a high sound ringtone.
—Guest Krupasindhu Saran

Free Ringtones

I download my free ringtones from http://www.zedge.net. All user generated and thousands are uploaded every month. It's a great way to add content to my phone.
—Guest JDL

Free ringtones for download

http://whatsupteen.blogspot.com/2009/09/whats-up-teen-for-teens-cell-phone-free.html This site gives a listing of al places to go get free stuff for your cell. Its awesome.


Ringtones are very important to me. I change mine every week or so. I like to keep it updated with fresh songs from the charts. I use GetUpGo, because it's easy, free and fun. It's like a social network where you are rewarded for activity with credits, which you can spend on ringtones. It's like being paid to use Facebook or MySpace. Check it out at http://www.getupgo.com. - Blake
—Guest Blake Edwards


Great becuz they are cool have fun play and lison to them to that how much i like them

Make money from ringtones

Take a look at www.RingJockey.com where you can upload and sell your own ringtones for free.
—Guest E_Schmidt

Best FREE Ringtones- FREE Wallpaper Site

Check out http://www.mobile17.com. You create your own ringtones AND wallpapers from your iTunes on your computer and gifs, jpgs, etc. You can even send animated gifs to your phone. IT'S 100% FREE PEOPLE!!!
—Guest Luv2ByteYoi


impossible for the boost mobile i450. may work if unlocked but, other than that forget it. I can't even find a software that will work so I can get them off my computer. how sad is that any suggestions?
—Guest mm59611

Game that saves unlmtd custom ringtones

If you have one of their supported Nokia or Samsung phones you can download myRMX for free at www.myrmx.com. It's a game-app thing that you play with to remix songs and you can send your remix to a friend or save it out as a custom ringtone.
—Guest Paul

original ringtones from oringz.com

oringz.com is I think one of the few websites where you can get really free quality ringtones - looks like those guys make the ringtones themselves, as opposed to slicing copyrighted music.
—Guest Miko

Mobizaar.com is my favorite

I get my share of free ringtones from www.mobizaar.com You can choose to download ringtones and wallpapers for free from the wide variety of items they have, or you can make your own ringtones for free, from your own music files. you can make your own ringtones with just a few clicks and you can choose to save them to your PC if you don't have Internet on the mobile phone. Works with IPhone!
—Guest Maxy

oringz.com, the new kid in town

You may want to also take a look at http://www.oringz.com , it's a pretty new site with original content that sounds real good and can be downloaded for free without any restrictions whatsoever.
—Guest Nanuel
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