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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Cell Phone Plan?

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When it comes to your cell phone plan, are you a contract-based or no-contract kind of person? More specifically, which cell phone plan is your absolute favorite and at which cell phone carrier? So we all can learn from your experience, share your story here about how much you're spending per month, how many minutes you get for your wireless buck and the pros and cons associated with your plan.


i have att i pay $2 a day on the day i use it for talk and text web was $15 100mb all these roll over if you dont use em or a 50 unlimitted plan or a 10 cent plan 2 dollar plan works for me i only use the phone about twice a week
—Guest mjay

Avoid contracts

I have used Sprint, ATT and Verizon contracts. I never met a contract I liked. I agree w/ what someone said to beware Verizon contracts. Keep copies of anything you receive from them. They will lie to you and about you. I went w/ ST about a year ago and it has been mostly positive. Fairly good coverage and no $ surprises. I use $30/ mo. 1K minutes and texts, 28mg mobile I would like to see them offer more phone choices, but overall, it's a square deal. At least I know what I am getting w/ ST. Cricket's prepay is OK but not great coverage area. I use Cricket $50 unlimited broadband card for wireless laptop service and coverage map is not great. Coverage is rather important in buying a mobile communications device. I am looking for a different/new pre paid broadband card if anyone has suggestions. thx.
—Guest EZ come EZgo

sprint-unlimited roaming

I have sprint unlimited everything $99.99 plan is not unlimited its 800 minutes if you go over 800 minutes they send you a letter threatening to shut off that plan they helped me pick according to the plan they felt we needed as we travel in US from Omaha to Calif. every week by vehicle THERES NO SUCH THING AS UNLIMITED WITH SPRINT EVEN WHEN YOU PAY FOR IT!$
—Guest allena

LG smart talk phones from Walmart

no contracts just one price. do these phones gps compatable?
—Guest Ga peach

Straight talk

For the love of god and all thing decent stay away from Straight talk. I ordered a phone over a week ago with overnight shipping and been on the phone with them everyday from then on and I get is a run around they blame fed ex. Fed ex say it never receive a package even though a label was printed for it and ST rep claims it is sitting in a fed ex warehouse. I have tried to cancel this order and been told when I send the package ( that has never been shipped out) back they will refund my money. At this time I have reported them to the FCC and the BBB in south FL. Do not get straight talk if you ever have a problem you will spend hours and hours trying to get retarded reps to get it fixed.
—Guest Carl

Jumping to pre-paid

Did it once before mand for some dumb reason, went back to a contract, the bottom line, We are going back to tracfone, we liked the idea of having NO monthly bill, it worked for us. Also, we are disconnecting our sat. tv. With streaming and having a TV antenna on the roof that gets 50+ channels, more savings there! We have been overspending bug time for years, spending is now going the other way, we are saving. Our favorite cell phone service is now net10 (A tracfone company) we will just add minutes.
—Guest Patrick

So Many Prepaid Plans to Choose From

I agree with the straight talk users out there, it's a great way to keep my family within our budget. We all have the $30 plan because 1000 texts and min. is all we need, but I promised my teenage daughter that if she gets good grades from now until summer, I will upgrade her to the $45 unlimited plan. With all the texting she's capable of, I think she'd really appreciate it.
—Guest SourPatch24

need info about safelink cell

I have 250min free safelink cellphone and would like info on how to get more minutes or more textmessaging when needed
—Guest Bobby

need info about safelink cell

I have 250min free safelink cellphone and would like info on how to get more minutes or more textmessaging when needed
—Guest Bobby

Fuzion Mobile

I switched to Fuzion Mobile, pre paid service with auto pay unlimited talk/text for 39.95. I love knowing that is all I will pay for 30 days of service. I'm not being taxed on every little item. There is no roaming, no long distance charges and the service has been great. You call there customer service and they are quick and friendly. I love them


I pay for 3 roger cell phones on payco at $10 mer month acumulating minutes not used indefenately or if the credit reaches over $300, I get free use for a whole year, what could be better if you are small user. I use Rogers Samsung,with camera,still aand video internet and texing choice which i do not use. All inall i amvery satified with this arrangement.
—Guest David Dunn


I have a favorite and is Straight Talk. I found out the hard way that the best way to savings was to switch to Straight Talk so I did. Is been great and the savings keep on coming. At Wal-mart I found my favorite plan at $45 unlimited per month.
—Guest Carmen

Straight talk

There is no need to have a contract phone anymore. Really pleased with the service and the call quality because they use both CDMA and GSM networks to have the best network possible. I pay for the 45 dollar unlimited everything month plan and it is the best plan by far i have ever used.
—Guest Chansi


I think that SVC (Senior Value Cellphone) is at the forefront of senior cellphones. They have more affordable prices compared to Jitterbug. SVC uses tracfone airtime minutes and it is really easy to add airtime. Don't understand why you would want to spend more money where you can get a better product with SVC.
—Guest Robert

new to this!

Straight talk is a great deal with great savings. Before this new year starts i bought one of these phones. I have only had mine for a bout 3 days but so far so good. Keep the deals comin
—Guest renderzz
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