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Readers Respond: How Much Do You Use Text Messaging?

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i want texting so bad my mom is just to lazy to get it at&t is 19.99 for unlimited
—Guest notemedown

Going texting crazy!!

I am going crazy text.. I have a tendency to send 1,000 text messages a day back to back, I enjoy it.. I have not made a phone call in almost 2mos unless it my mommy..
—Guest ~~mz.Aquarius~~


I would like to have it for just like if i had a short questiojng but ihonestly think texting is stupid!
—Guest Katiebug

I use it a lot ! ! !

I have been very addicted to texting, i have even got a line for another carrier just for Texting, that´s the best way to comunicate no matter the destiny !
—Guest abcDario

i dont have texting :(

i dont have texting and i reallllllllllllllllllllly want it but my dad thinks its too much money. i have atnt and i believe its 30$ a month for unlimited. its so stupid how i dont have it. i mean, youre not just gunna callll someone up and be like hey cause theirs ocward silences and with texting, nobody hears your convo. you can do it when your bored and im bored alot. i NEED it. but i just cant convince my dad!
—Guest hanna

I'm in the texting boat

I send SMS messages a lot more than I make phone calls. My boyfriend and I share a family plan, and since minutes are more costly than an unlimited texting plan, we ended up with a 700 minute plan and unlimited text messaging. I've always found talking on the phone awkward (since I do have social anxiety disorder) and I feel that text messaging makes it easier on me to communicate with others. I'll only make calls during an emergency or when I have to explain something that would take too long to type out with my thumbs. One of my pet peeves is the way texting can negatively affect grammar and spelling. I don't like people who use 2 for "to, too" and say "skool" or "cuz". I'm from the south (Texas) and I'm 19, but I think it's important to be able to communicate in a coherent manner. I don't want to be thought of as a dumb hick or a dumb teen.
—Guest happy_thoughts

probably too much

I use texting so much! Its a good thing i have unlimited cuz i go over 5000 every month. Sometimes i have to call my friends if i need to explain something cuz my thumbs get sore! :)I found this sight cuz i was wondering what the diff was tween sms and normal texting. Texting is so helpful and helps me stay in contact with my friends. However, in school i have accidentally spelled words with numbers (such as to with 2 or four with 4) and spell them with missing letters (school=skool, getting=gettin) the biggest mistake o most common mistake for me is instead of because writing cuz. Im southern so its how we say it anyway. My classes at school are all advanced so my teachers are very strict and don't like the way students are slacking because of texting. All in all texting is amazing and i use it alot but too much texting isn't good for your spelling habbits... :)
—Guest Amandarck

Don't understand the fascination

I don't get these people who say "talking on the phone is a waste of time so texting is better". I can certainly speak faster than I can type. One of my nephews explained to me that he can send text messages without using his minutes, and I can understand that. I recently attended a wedding where a 20-something young lady at our table had her face focused on her phone the entire time. Maybe playing games, but I eimagine she was texting with someone. She was completely oblivious to anything going on around her, unless her friend (the bride) happened to come over & speak to her. My impression was that she traveled a long way to attend this wedding, but in reality she was not really a part of it. I don't see how this is good.


I text a lot and ntelos has the cheapest plans u can get unlimited texting for $9.99 a month
—Guest d

Very seldom

I only text my daughter. I have a 250 plan but never go above 20. My 21 on the other hand...oy!
—Guest Carrie

OMG. Love = Texting

OMG I was 15 when I got my first phone and let me tell you, I went INSANE! Now I use over 17,000 texts a month, and its like my life. I disagree with people saying that I makes your grammer lower in its standards, because as you can see, I text in complete sentances, and I use punctuation marks, and complete comprehendable words. I am using my phone right now to type this. I am an ADDICT to texting and I really don't know how I couild live without it when I was smaller. TEXTING = LIFE :]
—Guest freddayy

Verizon Unlimited Texting

If you have the single line package, Verizon is unlimited. But if you have the Family Share plan you have to pay $20 a month for unlimited texting. I just called Verizon and asked about it because I pay $90 a month for 4 people to have phones under that plan.
—Guest Kathleen

use it when i can

i text every day but i dont text 2000 a month i just text when i want to. i think texting is good because if you have to ask a short question and dont want to call the person you just send them a text
—Guest pickupline19

Too addicting

I agree with "speakUP" that texting is an American Downfall. Although it is a very useful tool, people become too addicted to it. I guess that this happens with phones too. The most recent example is my mother-in-law who is absolutely chained to her phone. We'll be in a conversation and she'll look down and start replying to a text that she just got. I know many people who miss out on being with the people around them or experiencing the moment because they are too busy "staying connected" to other people. Like jc said face-to-face conversations are preferred.
—Guest Nate

texting addict

I was a little scared when my kids introduced me to text messaging. I soon become a fan of it. Being able to just type in your note and send it to whomever you had a question for. Now I have become an addict. I average over 12000 texts a month. I still enjoy getting on the phone and chatting with the same people I text with.

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