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Readers Respond: How Much Do You Use Text Messaging?

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Is text messaging as central to your cell phone as talking on it or is SMS messaging a feature your cell phone has that you never use? If you do use text messaging, how often? When do you use text messaging as compared to when you’d rather place or receive a phone call? Share your very own text messaging story now.

Texting has its place

I use it to send "status" texts to quickly let them know something of importance. I also use it when I don't need a quick like bunny answer. It's great but doesn't replace a conversation.
—Guest Clarabelle


I use alot of texts due im hearing impaired its easy for me. My family, friends, also work, even generals too gmail, yahoo, facebook etc its helpful. I love it so much using on my touch 4g good day to u all.

need a phone

Is there really any other way to communicate these day and if so will i have seem to put it somewhere so i would not lose it and quess what with my OLD age sitting in I LOST it ( and beside it seems to be the only way to get in contact with the kids
—Guest gizmo


I do not use text messaging at all or anytime, period.
—Guest Bob

I text EVERY second of everyday

They came out with a new desise called textaphobia i think i got it its when u think you felt a viberation from you phone when you didnt it usally happens with younge teens ANYWAY i can wright a 7 page long text messge in less then 2 mineuts its kinda wearid and i dont really talking on the phine to much its borinng and i cant think of things to talk to as fast and i personaly sent out over a millon text this year its crazy ! Ahha i think its normal
—Guest TextMesssger(:

The future of conversation

Those who text incessently do not know how to have a conversation or a relationship. The older they get, the harder it will be to develop those skills. They could all live in a dorm facility and save some money on windows and comforts, since they won't need them.
—Guest Gail

I want txting

I really want to be able to txt my friends and I started to but I got introuble for it. I'm embarrased to tell my friends about it because alot of them have the phone with the keyboard. I dont understand why my parents dont like the fact of having a phone. Theres alot good reasons to have a phone and they just dont listen. Sometimes I think they say no just because they can.
—Guest want want want

Why to much!

Omg, my dad will not get unlimited txting!! I text way to much, last month I went over $75 + because i txt way to much. Funny thought 1 time in school I was writing an essay, & I text talk for a lot of the essay. My teacher called my dad and it wasn't pretty. My point is that u should just get ur kid unlimited txting, it saves money!
—Guest Maiah


Texing is gr8!!! Its AWESOME!!! If you like some1 then tell them through a text, if you are to scared (it worked 4 me!!!!)
—Guest Text-a-holic

HAVE to text

Nerve deafness leaves me no choice but to text....can't understand on the phone. It's been a godsend!
—Guest Randi

I use it exclusively

I don't use voice at all because I'm deaf. Therefore, texting is the number one most important feature in my service plan since the hearing world doesn't need special equipment to communicate with me, and as for all other features in my cell phone plan, it is most important that the cost is minimal. I wish I weren't charged at all for those services that are useless to me. I don't talk much to people who don't have unlimited texting simply because they don't want to get charged for it and they don't answer. Sure I can email and IM when I'm at home, but I can text from anywhere. I keep my phone OFF at the movies, and I wish EVERYBODY would because the light from your screen is distracting and annoying! If I see you read a text in the middle of a movie, you better grab your purse and leave right away with a look of urgency.
—Guest Mints

Receiving texts

A question I would have is: do you mind receiving texts from businesses with whom you have a relationship? I am working on a campaign to send informational texts to subscribers and wonder how people feel about getting those.
—Guest Dk Zody

4g vs 3g

4g can't be widley deployed or utilized on a practical scale for many years. Device makers use 4g as a come on coaxing us into buying a promise of speed and convienence when 4g is in fact only a white board idea which has not been deployed and is not network ready anywhere in the world. The truth of the matter is they can't even get 3g to meet its legacy.
—Guest david a purdy

enought to change my world

i have a prepaid tracfone that has the worst txting imageible (SP) and i am turning my world upside down in order to get that changed. it is to the point that i barely talk to my boyfriend. (Sad isn't it) i now delete messages that i 'hope' isn't important. i am trying to save money so i can do something about it. including selling broken gold earings to get any help that i can get. life i know is unfair but does it have to be this bad?
—Guest LDCK

Love it!

I suppose texting could make you write incorrectly, or use bad grammar or reduce your conversational skills, but it doesn't me. I guess I'm slightly addicted to it too but I don't usually go over 1000 a month. I love English too so I use pages and pages of texts just to use punctuation and the full words. And I don't lack in social skills either because I see people everyday at school and attend a drama group... I'm going to resist the urge to say, "So there!" lol xD
—Guest AllTheRage

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